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The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will

the journal

andy warhol

It can be so easy to take this job lightly.  I mean, we push buttons, capture moments, and photograph everything these days.  And when you shoot professionally, the specifics of shooting in manual, focusing, and making split second decisions to capture that moment -well- come naturally, like breathing.  You’re in the moment, making people laugh, […]

This little lady was so completely full of spunk.  Adorable little lady with personality, golden crown, fluffy tutu, a cute cake to destroy, and I was one happy photographer.

Sometimes you pull up to the location, a place you have worked at a thousand times before, and the light is completely breathtaking.  Then your clients arrive, and you meet an adorable, perfectly toddler little man, and you know the portraits are going to be perfect.  That was this day. Glyndon Park is one of […]

I won’t say capturing this little guy was effortless, but it was pretty darn close.  He’s right in that magic window – my favorite stage where babies are super bubbly and happy, and can be easily entertained by a spoon or an empty tupperware container.  You know, that phase where you are so incredibly enamored […]

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