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The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will

the journal

andy warhol

Portrait of a dancer: In which I wax poetic about the addictive rabbit hole of tango. (TL;DR Tango is not the glitz and glam and cheese you think it is. So I set out to capture tango dancers in raw portraits, done in 3 minutes per subject. Every imperfection in tact, no detail lost. See […]

If you’ve had a session with me recently, you know I am waddling around looking quite pregnant, expecting my fourth (what?!) child.  Four children.  So far that is three sleepy, wrinkly newborns, three first steps, three first words, three adorable curly heads, three first days of kindergarten, and so on.  And all of them gone […]

So I realized I hadn’t officially announced our big news!  We have a growing family – #4 is on her way! We are super excited (and watching my older kids excitement makes me tear up every single time), and can’t wait to meet this little person at the end of the year.  It does mean […]

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