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The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will

the journal

andy warhol

Andrea came in with a few ideas in mind for her Contemporary Portrait Session. In additional to a career in the legal field, she runs Souls & Feet, a reflexology business in Fairfax, VA. And on top of all that, she’s about to start a new venture, a business in another field entirely! So we […]

As we get settled into our new studio on historic Church Street in Vienna, Virginia, all I want to do is show it off! The beautiful floors, high ceilings, perfect light, all of it. So instead of telling you about it, I’ll cut to the chase and show you. The Studio Our large studio is […]

We have a short FAQ page on our website, but it turns out we have some particularly curious clients. Which is awesome! We want you to feel prepared so that you’ll love the experience as much as you’ll love your portraits. So for those of you that want to know the “what” or the “why” […]

The D family came into the studio yesterday for some mother daughter portraits. I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to this shoot, one of the first shoots in our new studio. My friends can, though, because it’s basically all I talked about for the week prior. I had a few lighting […]

Portrait of T scientist, leader, mentor

T first came to me to celebrate a milestone in her life. It was an upcoming birthday, and she wanted to document this moment, who she was now, and the place she had worked hard to come to in life, as a PhD and postdoc, a scientist, a leader, a woman, and a mentor. We […]

Portrait of a dancer: In which I wax poetic about the addictive rabbit hole of tango. (TL;DR Tango is not the glitz and glam and cheese you think it is. So I set out to capture tango dancers in raw portraits, done in 3 minutes per subject. Every imperfection in tact, no detail lost. See […]

Things look different around here! We are still under construction, thank you for being patient as the dust settles and we get everything set up and live.

It’s been a nice break – I’ve been spending lots and lots of time cuddled up with one very adorable little baby.  Now that I’m back shooting, it’s time to schedule Spring Minis!  As always, dibs goes to the email list first.  You can sign up at the SUBSCRIBE link above, or click –here–.  Spaces […]

If you’ve had a session with me recently, you know I am waddling around looking quite pregnant, expecting my fourth (what?!) child.  Four children.  So far that is three sleepy, wrinkly newborns, three first steps, three first words, three adorable curly heads, three first days of kindergarten, and so on.  And all of them gone […]

It can be so easy to take this job lightly.  I mean, we push buttons, capture moments, and photograph everything these days.  And when you shoot professionally, the specifics of shooting in manual, focusing, and making split second decisions to capture that moment -well- come naturally, like breathing.  You’re in the moment, making people laugh, […]

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