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Showing is Telling

March 28, 2019

Why we love to show off our products, and you will too

Displaying your portrait art isn’t just about beautifying your home. (Though it does that too!). It’s also a way to keep those cherished memories near, and an opportunity to express the story they tell to share with others.

That’s part of why we’re proud to offer a collection of the most unique, high-quality products in the industry. So much so that we’re dedicating this blog post exclusively to showing them off. 

Why print?

Digital files have their place in portrait art. But if you were offered a Monet or an Andy Warhol, you’d probably be disappointed to receive it as a hyperlink. Right? We’re going to guess you’d rather have that painting hung on your wall to enjoy day after day.

We believe the same is true for portrait art. We want the artwork we resonate with to become part of our homes. That way, after we’ve shared our images on Facebook and sent them to friends and family, those memories and the feelings they invoke are still present in our everyday lives.  

Wall Art

All of our products are heirloom quality, professionally finished, and intended to last a lifetime. (Or two, or three…). We offer wall art in your choice of museum-quality frame, canvas, or frameless Masonite, and all of our wall art arrives ready to go on the wall. Our prints also come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and color options to create beautiful, decorative artwork that matches any home décor.

If you’re struggling between black&white or color, matted or unmated, beech or cherry wood—don’t sweat it! We’re a full-service studio. We’ll help you plan how to display your images at your post-shoot reveal, which includes planning and designing a layout that’s personalized for your home!

Wall Collages

Speaking of wall art! Our collages are a beautiful way to display your portrait art. We offer collages in a variety of framing and size options, and we’ll help you customize the layout according to your size and space needs. Collage walls arrive on a pre-mounted system for your wall, and we’re happy to offer free, professional installation!

When you’re ready to expand your collage, you also have the option to switch images and use the previous ones as décor for other parts of your home. 


Maybe you’re looking for a beautiful family heirloom to pass down, one to document your memories while adding new ones. Or maybe you’ve just run out of wall space. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Our handcrafted books and albums are a great way to document your memories while keeping them on display. They’re fully customizable to suit your personal style and home décor, including dozens of options from size, to layout, to cover materials and colors. Have more to add? No problem. We also offer album add-ons to give you more room to tell your story.

Portfolio Boxes

Imagine having your favorite images at your fingertips, elegantly presented in a fabric, fine art portfolio box.

Our handcrafted portfolio boxes are instant heirlooms, and you’ll find they’ll quickly become one of your family’s most prized possessions. You want to remember these moments in your life so that you can see who you were, appreciate who you are now—and share the journey between with others. We get that. Our portfolio boxes are one of our favorite products because they’re a truly sophisticated, eye-catching way to tell your story through portrait art. 

Digital Collections

We love our print products, but archival files have their place too. That’s why we include them with most of our print products. We also offer individual, high-resolution archival files, as well as digital collections. If you’d like to have your artwork displayed at home and online, we also offer discounted digital add-ons for those of you that want the best of both worlds. 


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