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The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will

the journal

andy warhol

Part of being a contemporary portrait photographer means having the privilege of learning the stories behind the women we photograph. Some of the stories we hear give us pause, make us think, and inspire us. Some command our attention and demand to be heard. Nancy’s is all of the above. Her story is as sweeping […]

I’m going through a lot of changes in my life right now. I just passed a very traumatic kind of phase in my life, and I felt like this was a good moment to have a new chapter and a new outlook. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning when Melody suggested the shoot. […]

As we get settled into our new studio on historic Church Street in Vienna, Virginia, all I want to do is show it off! The beautiful floors, high ceilings, perfect light, all of it. So instead of telling you about it, I’ll cut to the chase and show you. The Studio Our large studio is […]

Portrait of T scientist, leader, mentor

T first came to me to celebrate a milestone in her life. It was an upcoming birthday, and she wanted to document this moment, who she was now, and the place she had worked hard to come to in life, as a PhD and postdoc, a scientist, a leader, a woman, and a mentor. We […]

Things look different around here! We are still under construction, thank you for being patient as the dust settles and we get everything set up and live.

It’s been a nice break – I’ve been spending lots and lots of time cuddled up with one very adorable little baby.  Now that I’m back shooting, it’s time to schedule Spring Minis!  As always, dibs goes to the email list first.  You can sign up at the SUBSCRIBE link above, or click –here–.  Spaces […]

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