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It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It

January 17, 2020

When you think of boudoir, the first things that come to mind probably aren’t t-shirts and sports jerseys. You’re more likely to imagine see-through lingerie, birthday suits, and the kind of panties that somehow make you feel even more naked when you’re wearing them than not.

But truth be told, what you wear (or don’t wear) has very little to do with the quality and appeal of your boudoir portraits. What will make the biggest difference can be summed up in one word: Confidence.

No amount of risqué clothing can compensate for the look on someone’s face when they want to disappear. On the other hand, the right attitude and expression can make pretty much any outfit look sexy. Confidence is the main ingredient when it comes to making phenomenal boudoir portraits, which means that you can—and should—think outside of the box when it comes to outfits. 

Some of our favorite boudoir portraits have featured women in team jerseys, robes, sheets, dresses, off-the-shoulder t-shirts, or their partner’s button-up shirt. Unconventional outfits are a fantastic way to personalize your portraits, and all you need to pull it off is some confidence.

Feeling a little camera shy? Don’t panic. We’ll help with that too. We’re here to guide you through the whole boudoir process, and that includes coaching you through your shoot. We’ll get to know you during your in-person Style&Design Consultation so that you’ll feel prepared, and we’ll know how to bring out your fearless side. (You’ll be having too much fun to notice.)

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